Steve Arntzen, KB9IZT - President

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I was interested in short wave radio as a kid listening to my dad's portable Halicrafters. I received my Novice (code) license in 1994 but never got on the air. After a long period of radio inactivity, I collected all my goodies and setup my bench. In June of 2012 I passed my Technician exam and in July of 2012 I passed my General.

My primary interests are working with vacuum tubes and tube equipment. Although I have built many solid state circuits, I enjoy tube work more. I also like modeling and building my own antennas.

My current rigs are a Kenwood TS-530 and a Drake T-4X transmitter matched with a (recently restored) Drake R-4A receiver. The primary antenna is a 40 meter full wave dipole. The secondary antenna is a home-built, 10 meter vertical Yagi. I recently strung an 80 meter piece of wire to try my luck at 160 meters.

When away from home, I run a Ten-Tec R4020.

I have always enjoyed HF, especially 40 meters. I may listen more than transmit and still like CW.

Thanks to all the courteous hams who have helped me get on the air!

FISTS 15605

SKCC 7976

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